Titanium-Zirconia Hybrid Milled Implant Abutments

An ongoing investigation describing the clinical performance of two versions of implant abutments is presented below. The first group is stock, all-titanium abutments that were hand-milled in our laboratory in our prosthodontic office. The second group is the hybrid abutment (TZ) of a titanium base/chimney with a zirconia body for improved esthetics. All restorations were cemented over the abutments, and restored with milled ceramic crowns. Results indicated a 1.5% zirconia chipping with thinner abutments (without disrupting the prosthetic success of the restoration), and more than tripled the screw loosening frequency (7%) when compared to the pure titanium version. Screw loosening seems to approach to the titanium’s 1.6% when strict screw torque protocols were followed. We will be watching this closely.